Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometimes I really do believe that anticipation is half the fun! With Halloween 2 days away, I am already sad that it's almost over but I am more excited than anything preparing for my Pumpkin Carving party tomorrow! I've been in full preparation mode all week, making little things here and there to give to my friends and make the time together both fun and special!

Last year for Christmas, I made my closest girlfriends scrabble tile pendants with something personal for each of them on the front, and I chose the first letter of their name as the scrabble piece. I have so many left over that I decided to use a few for some decorations for the party!

Have you noticed that I love Walmart's cheap little wooden frames. I think I got these for $2 each a while back. I grabbed some Halloween fabric that I bought a few weeks ago at JoAnn's for 50% off and picked out a few phrases from my scrabble tiles. I wasn't sure which I would use but I wanted to be prepared.

I took the glass out of the frames and used my hot glue gun to cover the glass with a piece of fabric. My perfectionist side needed to take a backseat because it really isn't rocket science and lining everything up perfectly is not the point. Maybe if I keep reminding myself about that, it will sink in :)

Using card stock, I glued the scrabble tiles down. I put the covered glass in the frames and glued the scrabble card on top. It was that easy!

This is their permanent home....well, until after the party....on my bookshelf, right below "Boundaries" and Dr. Phil....and just above "He's Just Not That Into You". Yes, I read the book. It changed my life. Don't judge me.

Because I love the season more than the holiday, I also whipped up an Autumn frame using scrapbooking stickers and some scrabble tiles. I think it's lovely!

I can't wait to post pictures of the party....Happy Halloween peeps!



  1. Those are adorable! I never would have thought to do's so easy! Love it!

  2. How creative and cute!!!!!!!!! I love it will you be giving these away at your pumpkin party? For sure I want one :) I can't wait to see your blogs for Christmas I'm so excited great job :)

  3. I LOVE the "EEK" picture - I would like one PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roxanne

  4. You never cease to amaze me at just how crafty your really are. I love them. Good Job! :O)

  5. I love the EEK picture I want one........ Love me some Halloween Crafts................ Great Job!!!!!!!!!!! Yvette

  6. TOOOO CUTE!!! Don't be surprised if the 'Autumn' one suddenly disappears tomorrow! So adorable!

  7. Oh what a great many ways you can go with this! Certainly going to be using this in the coming few weeks! :)

  8. I love the scrabble tiles! What simple decor! I really want to find an old scrabble game now!!