Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Grown-up Christmas List....

There's a little over 77 days until Christmas and I am excited! Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying every single day from here til Christmas because it goes by way too fast, but it is coming and I just refuse to give up my right to send a list to Santa because I'm thirty-something! I just might march myself over to the mall and talk to the Big Guy myself!

1. Waimea Silver Pendant from the SurfingSilver Etsy shop

Sigh...this is gorgeous. I have a great friend, who encouraged me to catch the wave and no matter how scary it can be, ride it out because it's better than sitting on the sand and watching. As simple as that may sound, it changed me and I feel like this pendant reflects exactly how the wave looks and feels in my mind.

2. Martha Stewart 24-Vial Glitter Multi-Pack

This glitter set just makes me smile! I have an affection for glitter, especially fine quality glitter and nobody says "fine" and "quality" like Martha Stewart. Her colors are so amazing and beautiful and it just makes me want to glitter everything I see. I won't...don't worry, but I want to.

3. Eerie Alley from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Yes, I know it's a hearse but still. How adorable are these prints??? I want every single one and I want to make something pretty with them!

4. Silhouette Digital Craft Cutting Tool

You get to design and print...enough said. What crafter isn't in love with this!

5. "Sailing the Storm" print from vol25's Etsy shop

It's profound. It's true. It spoke to me the minute I read it. I love original prints!

6. "Our House" and "Live Simply" from daisychic's Etsy shop

They are so simple yet so beautiful. I want to frame them and hang them side by side in my living room.

What about you? What do you want for Christmas? Have you told Santa....