Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 favorite rainy day things...

On any given day, I love living in Southern California. With the exception of smog, the cost of living and traffic...So Cal is an amazing place to live. That being said, we don't get enough rain here. I love, love the rain and rainy weather and it makes me happy! Today was one of those days and it's pretty amazing considering it was only last week that Los Angeles hit a record high of 113 and today it's raining...but I am not complaining! Here is a little breakdown of my 5 favorite rainy day things...

1. Sitting in the rain, under an umbrella, just enjoying the pitter patter. I'm not kidding. I love to do this and when it rains hard, you can find me somewhere on campus (I work at a community college) sitting under an umbrella with a big smile on my face. It's the best and I think you should try it.

2. When I'm walking in the rain, I am almost always singing this song and re-enacting some part of this scene. I love this movie and wish my mom was still alive to watch it with me...

3. Making a huge pot of pozole...like the one sitting on my stove right now! For the non-hispanics, pozole is a soup, very similar to menudo but without the weird meat. It's boneless pork and hominy in a rich red chile sauce and it is scrum-deli-umptious. It's a word. Google it.

4. Watching the news and laughing at the anchor saying "Storm Watch 2010" every five minutes. It really is comical watching Southern Californians deal with rain. They can't drive in it. Some won't even leave their homes in it. And our news anchors play on every single detail of each drop that falls from the sky.

5. And last but definitely not least...using my Snuggie! I love my snuggie and hardly get the chance to break it out but today is is on the couch waiting for me and my bowl of pozole!

Happy rainy Tuesday all!

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