Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crochet Hook Cozy

So I have been immersed in all things Fall...because let's face it...Fall is awesome! But last weekend I took a break to clean and organize my craft room and it feels great. Once I had the overall room done, I realized that there were a few things that needed a bit more help because they were just out of control.

Notice the crochet hooks...and how many of them I have. Sometimes when I go visit my grandparents or go out of town for Christmas, I like to take my crocheting with me but end up just gathering a bunch of needles that I think I may need and often find that I didn't bring the right one. So....I decided to make a crochet hook cozy! I already had pink felt, pink yarn and my many crochet hooks.

I wanted to add a decorative edge to the felt so I chose some lime green embroidery floss (don't you just love pink and green together???) and did a simple blanket stitch around the edge of felt.

First I thought that I would sew individual pockets down the bottom half of the felt but I didn't want to be limited in the amount of needles that I could fit in the cozy. I remembered a picture of a crochet hook cozy that I had seen where they used a crocheted piece to anchor the needles down to the felt so I figured I would wing it and see if it worked.

I used a basic double crochet and checked my length against the felt as I worked. I crocheted five rows and loved how the colors worked together!

I centered the crocheted piece on the felt and tacked it down with a few cross stitches on each end and at various points across the whole piece of felt. I used the lime green embroidery floss so that the cross stitches would add a decorative touch to the outside of the cozy.

I wove my needles through the top and bottom of the crochet piece to hold them in place and that was it! I hit a few bumps along the way, mostly because I was just eyeballing the whole thing, but I used them to my advantage. The crocheted piece ended up being a bit too long but I just used the overhang as the button-holes for the buttons sewn on the opposite side for closure.

You can see how the blanket stitch adds some color...and the cross stitches add a little something here and there. Overall, I love it! Now I know where all my needles are and can grab them easily for projects, travel, etc.

On a totally random side adorable is this little box???? I don't remember where I bought it but it looks like one of those plastic storage containers that I use in the garage, but it's super tiny and I use it to store my buttons.....little things make me smile :)

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