Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cabinet Transformation

My mom, oh how I miss her. Seriously. Every single day I think of her and imagine conversations with her. She was my rock and even though life goes on and I've slowly learned how to live a life without her, I'm not sure there will ever be anything to fill that emptiness.

When she passed away, I struggled to let go of her things...I think I thought it would be like forgetting her. But I quickly learned that she was not in these "things" and whatever I kept, I wanted it to honor her. I kept a few pieces of furniture, some of her clothes that I want to turn into a pillow case someday and a few things here and there.

On any given Saturday morning you would find my mom driving from yard sale to yard was her thing. One day she came home with a curio cabinet. For years she wanted one but could never afford it. She dreamed of a place to keep her Hummels and knick knacks safely displayed and she was so happy to finally get one. It's one of the pieces that I held onto but wasn't exactly sure how I would ever fit it into my home. As much as I love my mom, I did not love her taste. My mom loved ornate, somewhat gawdy things. She loved rose patterned anything. And she loved, loved, loved heavy oak furniture. The pieces themselves were not bad, but the wood tones are just not my thing.

I wish I had a before picture, but just imagine the old 80's oak look...because that's what it was.

And now, it looks like this...

I removed the hardware cleaned the wood. I was going to spray paint it but decided to hand paint it to make sure I could get the details and I think it turned it out to be a good choice. I chose to line the back of the cabinet with a printed canvas that I picked up at Joanns a few weeks ago and I think it works well with the black. Overall, I'm very happy with it.

And I think my mom is looking down from heaven and smiling :)

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