Friday, October 1, 2010

New beginnings...

I love the first day of any feels like a new we get to start all over and have a whole month to get it right..LOVE IT!

On the first of the month, I like to look forward to what that month has in store and one of my little rituals is to change the welcome person on my sign in the kitchen. I saw this kit at Michael's years ago and took it home to paint. It's supposed to go outside but I can't bear to leave these little guys out in the elements so I glued a magnet strip to the back and it lives on my refrigerator door.

The jack-o-lantern is hanging as of this morning and it's part of the Autumn gang. How adorable is that little turkey??

The Winter gang is next and one at a time they take their turn on the fridge. I think the New Year one was my favorite to paint but I secretly love them all.

The Spring gang shows up in March. The bunny cracks me up, not sure why but I think it's because I picture a person in a bunny suit, rather than just a bunny. Remember that scene at the end of 'Steel Magnolias' where Daryl Hannah's husband is in a bunny costume. I think there's a tiny man stuck in this bunny suit and hanging on my fridge. I'm a dork, I know.

The Summer the July guy!

What am I looking forward to in October?

Getting my Fall decor out and decorating my home. I'm having my 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party...cannot wait! Pumpkin pie...enough said! and of course, Halloweentime at, I love those characters in costume. Priceless.

I have a confession...this blog post about the seasons put a song in my head all morning, so I'm just going to have to share it :)

Are you kidding me....we can't leave off there! we need to hear Stephanie sing!
Happy October all!


  1. So Cute! ....and i LOVE the Grease 2 bonuses haha Happy Fall Michelle <3

  2. How did I ever forget to have you make me one of these?!?!?!?

  3. Love the Grease need to do a Grease Movie Night....or play :o)

    I had to re-read the part where you said you painted these, they look like they were bought that way, you do awesome work,

    Thanks for always sharing and being willing to pass it along to all of us. :O)