Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend with the G-parents

I am so blessed to have both my maternal grandparents alive and well. Growing up, my grandparents always lived no further than a few miles away and many times were blocks away from wherever we lived. When my mom found out she was pregnant, she was still a teenager and for a good chunk of time, we lived in my grandparents home. I can't remember a time they weren't there and they have always been the cornerstone of our family. Spending the weekend with them was so special and I cannot think of a better way to spend my time.

Below are a few highlights and favorites of the weekend....

1. Everything tastes better at grandma's house...and I am so not kidding. She cooks up a storm when she knows we are coming to town and nobody is complaining. We enjoyed some onion rings from Farmer Boys, but other than that it was all grandma food all the time!

2. Big shocker that I love Michaels, but when I get to go with my grandma it's just super special. I love bouncing ideas off of her and watching the things she goes for in the store. My poor grandpa just follows along without so much as one complaint. I shared this blog and my ideas with my grandma and told her how she was my inspiration. She was touched and we spent some time reminiscing about the things she's taught me. Priceless, I tell you.

The drive from their house to Michaels is gorgeous and it kind of made me feel like I was on my way to Vegas...but that's for another post :)

3. When I walked into my grandma's house, I was shocked to see this little guy. My grandparents haven't been much into pets lately and it takes everything my grandpa has in him to tolerate my cat when I bring her along, so I was a little surprised to see Buck, the rabbit. They are rabbit-sitting for my uncle, but truth be told...they love him! I loved watching my grandma and grandpa talk to him and brag about how smart he is. Loved every minute...and Buck is adorable with a little temper. Too cute.

4. My Uncle Dave and Aunt Lena live a few houses down the street from my grandma so a visit to her usually means that I get to see them as well. The night before I arrived, they took my grandpa to the Angels game and took this picture. From left to right, my cousin David, my uncle David, my grandpa Jesse and my cousin Christian. I loves these guys....spending time with them is few and far between but when I see them, my heart is happy. My grandpa is also not a picture-taking kind of guy, so this picture rocks because he's in it.

5. Last, but most definitely not least, is my Grandma. She is the matriarch of our family and I am so blessed to have her. She was the one who told me about Jesus as a little girl and took me to church with her when noone else would go with us. She is a prayer warrior who gets up every morning and prays for everyone by name each and every day.

Saturday afternoon, I started to develop a headache so I went into one of the guest rooms and laid down with the lights off. My grandma didn't know that I was in the room and I heard her walking down the hall and she was praying. She was calling names of all of us in the family as she walking. That's how she is....it's just as natural to her as breathing and it brought tears to my eyes. She lifts her family to heaven and I can't imagine what we'd do without her.

Needless to say, this weekend rocked. I loved every minute and wish I had more time to stay. I look forward to Christmas every year because it's at grandma's house and this year is no exception!

I'll be posting a new craft tomorrow....so look for it...and until then have a great day and say "I love you" to someone special today!

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