Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Safety Pin Bracelets are making a come-back!

When I was about 12 years old, my mom and I made a bracelet out of safety pins and beads and I remember feeling so fancy with my bracelet. I am revisiting the idea because I have a very special tween niece who is sporting a birthday this week and she is just quirky and hip enough to possibly love this idea as much as I do!

I used small safety pins, 3/4 inch I believe. I also chose vibrant jewel colored beads because I thought the colors show so well. I used stretch magic beading wire and a few beading tools.

On the safety pins that I used, five of the beads fit on each and there was no rhyme or reason to my beading, I just randomly started adding beads to the open safety pin. Once the beads were on the pin, I dipped the end of the pin in a strong industrial glue. I'm sure you could use any glue, I just wanted to make sure the pins stay closed.

When I was done beading, I had a sea of colored, beaded safety pins. This picture just makes me happy. Yes, I'm weird :)

I threaded the pins with my beading wire using the existing hole in the head of the pin and the bottom.

The wire is clear but with the flash from my camera, it made it appear white. When worn, the elastic is not so visible so the colors of the beads really shine through. I absolutely loved making this and look forward to making some more! I hope my niece enjoys it as much as I enjoy giving it to her!

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