Friday, September 24, 2010

Falling for Peanuts

Is it just me or is Fall the best time of the year? I love, love, love...are you getting the love...this time of year! Living in Southern California, we don't have much diversity when it comes to seasonal changes, but Fall always feels...well, like Fall. We've had some overcast days this week and I have needed to pull out an extra blanket on a few nights. I made soup this week and it was perfect for snuggling under the blanket and watching the Season Premier of Grey's Anatomy.

When it begins to feel like fall, I love to head out to the stores and see what's new in terms of decor but I would have to say that Michael's owned me this last week. I went three times....THREE a matter of 4 days. They had way too much to write about, but I did pick up a little pack of Peanuts refrigerator magnets.

I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love a little Peanuts "The Great Pumpkin"??

The magnets came in a pack of four and according to the directions, you were supposed to use the markers (included) to fill in the colors, but I like my colors bright so I grabbed some of my acrylic paint and brushes and went to town. Being ridiculously detail oriented, made this project last all weekend but I think the extra effort paid off! I added a thick coat of varnish on each and they now reside happily on my refrigerator door until Thanksgiving!

The Autumn pack came with: 'It's Autumn", Snoopy jumping into a pile of leaves, Woodstock following Snoopy and Sally running with a leaf.

The Halloween pack came with: 'Happy Halloween', Charlie Brown & jack-o-lanter, Linus & jack-o-lantern and Snoopy peaking out of a jack-o-lanter....ADORABLE!

I am so ready for this time of year....Happy Autumn!

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