Friday, September 10, 2010

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

I love the saying, "the best things in life aren't things" and while I completely believe this to be true, I also know that there are small joys that come with "things" that have sentimental value in our hearts rather than our pocketbooks.

When I walk through my little cottage home, there are a few of my favorite things that bring a smile to my face just seeing them. Welcome a little tour of my happy little things...

1. My Mickey Mouse salt & pepper shakers are definitely one of my favorites. My beautiful grandma always has some kind of gift for me whenever I see her and at Christmas she surprised me with these. I am a recovering Disney addict...who am I kidding...I'm still an addict with a particular affection for the Mouse and these are perfect. I love using them and not only are they cute, they work really well and offer a nice even flow of seasoning...very important for a salt & pepper shaker set.

2. My collection of refrigerator magnets covers the side of my refrigerator. Every time that I visit a new place or one of my friends travel, a new magnet is likely to find it's way here. I also have sentimental groups of magnets, like my mom's collection of Tupperware magnets. If you're taking a gander at my fridge, you might see a yellow taxi magnet from NY, a bare Mexican butt under a sombrero from Mazatlan and one in honor of my son that reads, "Mullets Get Chicks". He rocked a mullet for a good hour. I'm not kidding. I have pictures.

3. My mom's Hummels have a permanent home on my bookcase. She loved these little people so much and it such a personal honor to see them everyday and remember her. The angel in red is not a Hummel, but it's an angel my mom bought several years ago because she said it reminded her of when I was a little girl. So special....beyond words.

4. My kitty cat cell phone holder is "A-to the-D-to the-ABLE" and my phone rests well in it's arms. I don't remember exactly where I found it, I believe it was one of those elementary school fundraisers but it's a "must have" for all future crazy cat ladies and I own mine proudly :)

Do you have a few little favorite things around your home? Glance at them today and say thank you for the joy, no matter how small, it brings to your life.

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