Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Daisy Mae

I'd like to introduce you to my sewing machine....isn't she cute? I named her Daisy Mae and she has been ever so good to me. She was a Christmas gift from a good friend of mine a few years back and I have put her to good use. When I set up my extra bedroom as my craft room and put Daisy Mae in her home on my shelf, I would see her and constantly remind myself that she desperately needs a sewing machine cover. Not a plain cover or a piece of plastic, but a pretty cover that would make other sewing machines jealous.

Several months ago while shopping at Pier One, I spied these cloth napkins on clearance and I believe I spent $1, maybe less, for each of them. This weekend I was looking through my fabric stash and thought that perhaps these would make a great cover for Daisy Mae! I love the different shades of pink in the stripes along with some yellow and white. I trimmed the fringe off of two pieces and leaving an opening for the sewing machine handle, stitched them together.

When I draped the fabric over the machine, I liked the overall look but felt it lacked a little something so I grabbed some leftover fabric from some apple green sheers that I hung in my kitchen and cut two strips from the scraps. Sewing down the middle and then gathering the fabric, I fashioned a couple of ruffles that I then sewed along the bottom front of the cover.

I sewed green ribbon on the sides, glued a button on top for some added detail and the cover was complete! This is Daisy Mae in her new pink and green ruffled cover....I adore it! I love the whole pink/green combination!

It was fun working without a pattern, trying different things as I worked. I think I'm ready to tackle a few more sewing projects....maybe a few things for Christmas!


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  1. You did a super fabulous job!! I hardly ever use a pattern, unless it is for clothes, even then, I just wing it. Totally diggin' on the ruffles.

  2. thanks! the ruffles are my favorite part too!

  3. Daisy Mae looks very happy! I love the colors you used.

  4. That is just the cutest thing!! Goin' make one of those for sure! Thanks for sharing.
    Suzie @