Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving isn't always about money

And do not forget to do good and to share with others for
with such sacrifices God is pleased....Hebrews 13:16

It has been an eye-opening experience to participate in the 30-Day Giving Challenge. If you consider yourself a giver, like I do, it can be surprising how challenging it is to purposefully give for 30 straight days. I started this challenge with the hope to think outside of the box and to give in ways that I hadn't ever given before. It would be easy to throw money, as little as you may have, at the desire to give and don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving money especially because it so needed by so many worthwhile organizations. But sometimes, that is the easy way out.

There comes a point where giving should actually cost something....something that possibly hurts to give. Something that we generally don't give away easily....and that's the challenge that I've issued to myself. My hope was that my giving would be a combination of, time, things I don't want to give up. It has been difficult but mostly rewarding...even if only because there were things that I finally just gave to God and said "here, take it".

Have you considered giving in a way that doesn't come natural?

Is there a person who has hurt you and you haven't yet forgiven them? Or maybe you've forgiven them but you've built a huge wall between the two of you so that they can't hurt you again? Consider extending your hand, even in small steps. Take one brick out of the wall you've built. It's a gift you can give to them...and to God.

Is there something that you know in your heart God has asked you to do and you've put it off? Did you know that you can give something to God? He is more worthy than anyone of our giving.

Is there a situation in your life has caused you pain? Did you know that you can be standing in the deepest pain and sing a song of worship to God? It's a sacrifice...and it's an act of giving praise to God even in the midst of a storm. It counts as giving.

I pray that as we approach the midpoint of this challenge that our hearts would be softened to giving outside of our wallet and that we would continue to understand that the gifts of giving far outweigh the cost :)


  1. Love this post! So many times, esp at the holidays, we are so focused on what gifts we can "buy" instead of the gifts freely given. Those that cost nothing are often of more lasting, even eternal, value.

  2. What a challenge your post is to me. Thank you.

  3. Love this post. Often times money is the easy way out for us isn't it. It's a quick act and it's over. Sometimes pushing ourselves beyond what is comfortable is an even better, greater challenge that ultimately is more rewarding.

    Thank you for this thoughtful post!