Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Cool Finds

So every once in a while, I explore the wonderful world wide web and find things that either make me wonder what people are thinking...or they make me wonder why that was never thought of before. These are a few of those finds...

1. Locker Decor

Are you freaking kidding me? Do you know how much happier this would have made my high school days???? Do you see the mini chandelier? Do you see the shag rug???? I'd be all over that green polka dots! Check it out here...

2. These are random and weird and I found them while reading Bakerella this week. They are plush dolls of body organs (insert crickets), (awkward pause). While I know a few people who I can give the black heart to for Christmas...I'm not sure who would enjoy the ovary or uterus plush...or God forbid, the Mammary - Gland of Milk & Honey??? I can't stop laughing...and on a side note. I better not see one under the Christmas tree. Not kidding. Browse the wonderful world of organs here.

3. By far, one of the coolest things EVER! It's a kit of paper, that you put together to create this uber cool park scene. I want it and I must have it. Like now. They have many, many more options...take a gander and make a list of your favorites here!

4. Have you ever visited HolyCool.net? Funny, strange and random cool things. There are several people who need a tall glass of water with a chill pill...just sayin. This is hilarious.

5. Too funny...and very clever. Another website worth a small tour of your own...here.
6. Did you see "Up"? Did you bawl like a baby and use a whole box of tissue like me? I seriously love this movie and I seriously want a house with a huge bunch of balloons at my disposal for easy travel options. Disney has this cool printable on their website...and I heart it!

That's all folks....Happy Friday :)

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