Thursday, February 24, 2011

Never too late for love...

I spent some time last weekend, pulling together pictures of Valentine's Day, getting ready to post a blog and then it happened. I reached for a glass of water, took a sip...and felt a slight tingle in the back of my throat. If I had only known what was next....sigh.

If you've ever had strep throat, my heart goes out to you. I'm not the dramatic type and I'm usually the kind of girl who has to be forced to see a doctor, but I have to honestly say, short of childbirth, I can't remember having to endure such horrible pain with no end in sight and nothing to take it away. If you've never had it, get on your knees and thank the Good Lord...and then stay on your knees and pray that you never do. Any research and energy that our government puts into biological warfare should be stopped immediately. Strep throat...that's all we need. The strain that I had will stop any enemy in their tracks and they won't even begin to feel a tad bit better for more than 4 days.

Ok....enough of that...just wanted to explain my lack of posts when in my heart I really, really wanted to :)

Valentine's Day came and went without much fanfare but that does not mean that it was not thoroughly enjoyed by myself. I always hear people talking about how hard Valentine's Day is for single people and I just don't get it. I absolutely love, love, love Valentine's Day. I enjoy lavishing some love on the people in my life. I love watching people love each other. I love spending time with my friends and giving them gifts that make them feel loved. Are you feeling the love?

Here's a few highlights from my V-day.....

I did lots of Valentine's Day crafting, but took few pictures of what I was making. I know, big sad face, but I wanted to make sure they were done on time so I lost track of what I was doing and was bummed when I realized I had no pictures. I did snap one of this little frame I pulled together. I had some glitter scrapbooking letters, some pink paper and a frame from the 99 cent store (actually 3 frames for 99 cents) and thought it was a simple little piece of decor for my living room. I felt it needed something more so I grabbed a few fabric scraps and made a few rosettes and glued them to the bottom corner and was very pleased with the final product. Simple, inexpensive but so cute. I heart it.

As a single gal, I'm not one of the girls at the office who gets flowers delivered so I bought myself some roses and a few daisies. They made me smile every time I saw them. Dear Michelle, I love you. Love, Michelle

The absolute love of my life is my son Adam. He's a fairly simple boy to make happy. He loves my homemade salsa so I made him his own batch, wrote him a card, threw in some chocolate and he felt the love.

Whether there are boyfriends in the picture or not, my girlfriends and I have a tradition of getting together to celebrate Valentine's Day and lavishing each other with gifts...this year was no exception. From a love monkey and Edward Cullen conversation hearts and sparkling dietary supplements and giant Reeses Peanut Butter Hearts...the love was not lacking at our table. The lucky patrons of PF Changs heart our laughter, watched us open gifts and witnessed us eat massive amounts of awesome food. It was one of the best years we've ever had and I will never forget it.

So here's to another year of celebrating who we love and why we love them. And may you always have love, laughter, and tiny, naked, glass men hanging from your water glass. Yes, that was another gift from the girls :) Seriously, what's Valentine's Day without them???

I love you all <3>

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